If You’re an Artist Who’s Getting Commissioned to Do Artwork

Some Advantages of Being Commissioned for Art


Someone just has to get it out in the open. Getting commissioned to do art can be fulfilling. Taking art commissions from collectors can be an excellent way for an artist to forge a full-time career. If someone enjoys your work, they might ask you to create a custom piece for them for their home, office, or as a gift, and working with the client to realize their idea can also be extremely rewarding.

Unfortunately, you’ve probably heard enough horror stories about it to convince you to avoid it like the plague. Still, if you’d like to be a little more adventurous as an artist and you decide that it’s worth the risk, you will also find that it has a lot of advantages to it. Here are a few of them.


Getting commissioned to do art has its own set of rewards


First, let’s talk about the money. Commissions fetch a higher price than the work you create for galleries and shops (you also don’t have to split the sale price) and for many artists, commissions make up the majority of their income. So, if you’re a great artist and you’re just starting out, commissions are one good way to start raking in all that cash while doing what you love.

Second, you can think of it as a way to awaken some artistic genius. It can be extremely gratifying taking a client’s vision and ideas and bringing them to life. Commissions enable artists who enjoy working with people to focus their attention on responding to the collector’s desires. The same way that travel promo codes awaken your dreams of an Amsterdam holiday, art commissions stir up a lot of your creative juices back to life.

Third, you can also look at it from the ‘exposure’ point of view. Corporate or business commissions often hang in public places like office lobbies, hotels, public spaces and public buildings. This leads to more exposure and a higher profile for your work. And so, by saying yes to some commissions, you’re also saying yes to opportunities to become even more visible.

In the end, the final decision is, and will always be up to the artist to determine.

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