• Is it true that painting helps to improve and strengthen memory?

Yes, this is indeed true. You see, painting boosts memory recollection skills and works to sharpen the mind through conceptual visualization and implementation. People who frequently use creative outlets such as writing, painting, and drawing have less chance of developing memory loss illnesses when they get older.

  • Why do some artists love to get commissioned work?
  • Commissions fetch a higher price than the work you create for galleries and shops (you also don’t have to split the sale price) and for many artists, commissions make up the majority of their income. So, if you’re a great artist and you’re just starting out, commissions are one good way to start raking in all that cash while doing what you love.
  • Why do a number of art projects fail for some artists?

The biggest reason that commission projects fall through is because the artist doesn’t do their due diligence before they enter into the relationship. You’ve simply GOT to research the person or company who is hiring you. You need to know that they have a good history with business relationships (which is what this is) and that other artists haven’t had negative experiences working with them in the past.

  • How important is it for artists to state their terms at the outset?

It’s actually very important. It’s always wise to have an artist’s agreement signed by both parties to protect you from unwarranted situations. That being said, when things get a little messy and tension-filled in the course of the project, you can always go back to that little piece of paper that protects both you and your client.

  • If you were the client, can you expect the artist to do the job for you?

Yes, but only with good input from you. You can’t expect the artist that you hire to just read your mind, because you will always have the last word in that. This is probably one of the more common misconceptions about artists. Other people think that they can just throw any vague idea then the artist will just translate that into some breathtaking piece of artwork. Far from that. Artists need good input from you, especially because this is a commissioned work.